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Print designers need to be banned from making style guides for web until they understand what’s doable and what’s-doable-but-will-take-forever-and-the-developers-will-hate-you.

God fucking damnit.

Thriving. #succulents #succulentplants

Thriving. #succulents #succulentplants


All of the Divine Instruments in Okami.

The Reflectors: Divine Retribution, Snarling Beast, Infinity Judge, Trinity Mirror and Solar Flare.

The Rosaries: Devout Beads, Life Beads, Exorcism Beads, Resurrection Beads and Tundra Beads.

The Glaives: Tsumagari, Seven Strike, Blade of Kusanagi, Eighth Wonder and Thunder Edge.

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New MLS Logo + Western Conference

Interesting! I definitely like this new look over their old logo. Much more clean and simple. But that line that extends beyond the shield seems a bit arbitrary.

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Mitsuori Architects by Hunt & Co


@MLS: Clint Dempsey. The Truth. #MLSNEXT

get it deuce

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Dasherie Magazine Review & Giveaway →


A proper published magazine about calligraphy? Whaaat?

But that’s what Dasherie is! From the website, it is a magazine that “features carefully curated modern and classic calligraphy, lettering and design.” The debut magazine was sent out recently and it’s very exciting to see a brand new…




japanese cuisine “kamaboko (boiled fish paste)“

decorative cut of kamaboko (boiled fish paste)


Food Porn: Sake


Food Porn: Sake

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It’s been one year since we qualified for the 2014 World Cup with a classic DOS A CERO. Watch the USMNT v MEXICO highlights again!

Watching this at 1am was not a good decision. I’m too amped up to sleep. But dear Jesus, do I love the USMNT.